Thirsty for a Lit Social Gaming Environment?

We provide an exciting video gaming lounge that will redefine how you play games with friends.

Why Golden Gun Gaming?


Over 30 PC’s, Xbox’s, PlayStation’s and Wii consoles are at your disposal in our dope decorated, video game lounge.

With over 4000 square feet of hardwood floors, containing 50 monitors, consoles, couches and VR stations you won’t want to leave!

Get out of the living room! Immerse yourself in a fun social gaming environment with the most popular games, from League of Legends and Call of Duty, to Madden and Fortnite.

Our gaming lounge and cafe offers the newest consoles, large HDTV screens or monitors and comfortable seating in a lively environment. If you are in the Albuquerque area we are the gaming lounge for you.

ABQ gaming lounge
Albuquerque gaming lounges

The Video Game Lounge Mission

Opened in January of 2014, Golden Gun Gaming has achieved the goal of creating an entertaining and safe environment for gamers of all ages to come together and have fun!

Our main mission is to bring social gaming to the next level.

We’ve seen amazing growth in our local gaming community in the four years since we opened. The Albuquerque gaming scene has never been more exciting! And it is only going to get better!

Hone Your Skills

We have been host to dozens of e-sports tournaments and are always looking for ways to help support and foster the local gaming community.

The competitive aspect of modern video gaming is on the rise all over the world.

Because we provide high-end computer and video game station rentals by the hour, our unique space provides gamers with a venue that allows you to hone your video gaming skills.

Then we provide a way to test yourself against other gamers in our gaming tournaments.

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Gaming lounge and Cafe

If you are craving a chill gaming lounge/LAN center stop by and check us out on San Mateo Boulevard

In addition to renting video gaming by the hour, our computer gaming lounge allows you to host parties, participate in  monthly all-nighters, and slay the competition in regularly scheduled tournaments!

Connect with friends – literally! With our LAN you can play with up to a dozen of your squad at once!

Golden Gun Gaming social gaming lounge featuring high-end gaming consoles, has the newest and hottest video games, awesome birthday parties, tournaments and events held regularly in the nicest, cleanest, hippest PC gaming lounge in the southwest.

Let’s get schwifty!